You can see some of my work on Behance.

Coming from a Design Engineering background, I dived into UI/UX with an established Human Centered mind set.

I believe that the importance is not that much about how you solve a problem, it’s about which problem you decide to solve.


My work results from agile methodologies, following the stages below.


Learning about your users: (Generative Research, Evaluative Research, Usability Testing, User Interviews, Surveys, Affinity Mapping, Card Sorting, Mental Models)

Learning about the market: (Market Research, Comparative Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Heuristic Analysis)


Modelling your users: (Personas, Empathy Mapping)
Analysing users tasks: (Task Analysis, Customer Journey)

Eliciting clear product requirements: (Feature Analysis & Prioritisation,

Product Specification with Business, Market, User & Technical Requirements)


Iterative process: (User Flows, Site Maps, Task Scenarios, Storyboarding, Participatory Design, Screen Flows, Lo-Hi Fidelity prototyping, Visual Design, Usability Testing)


Providing support: (Final Prototypes, Presentations, Design Specifications, Support Launch)